Servicios Gestión de Residuos Igualada
compactadora residus Igualada
bidons dissolvent
Waste management in Igualada and throughout the Anoia region… We have an excellent facility for the storage and subsequent transfer of hazardous and non-hazardous waste, including:


  • Waste management of rubbish, rubble, paper, cardboard, plastic, tyres, computer equipment, wood, earthy waste, non-corrosive liquid waste, mineral salt waste, tanned leather waste, computer equipment, paint waste, expired fire extinguishers, among others…
  • Halogenated solvent, non-halogenated solvent, batteries of all types, WEEE’S, antifreeze liquid, scrap metal, fluorescent lights, corrosive waste, drums that have contained toxic materials, printer toners, computer equipment, refrigerators, among others…

Approved manager Nº E-82.94