The expiry of a fire extinguisher is conditioned by several factors, including its useful life, which is usually 20 years, its effectiveness and safety when it comes to use. At Llorens Isbert, regardless of its condition, we accept all types of expired extinguishers for recycling, which is over 90%. We receive extinguishers from any part of Spain and nearby areas in Europe…. We receive extinguishers from anywhere in Spain and the surrounding EU area…

How is the fire extinguishers recycling managed at Llorens Isbert?

1. The first step is to remove the extinguishing agent (ABC powder, water, foam, CO2...) with the help of a special machine, it is very important to make sure that the extinguishing agent does not continue to be expelled.

2. Once the extinguisher is depressurised, its components (hoses, tubes, shell, etc.) are dismantled, separated and classified.

3. Finally, the remaining extinguishing agent is removed and the tank is left in a 100% recyclable state.

In order to complete the recycling process, we carry out and send the fire extinguisher recycling certificate.